About Bock's Corner Village

Bock's Corner Village is the owner and governor of the properties located on its premises. We do also manage a range of events and activities that are located on our premises. We have several companies located on our site: UPC Print, UPC Megamedia, UpCode, Bock’s Corner Brewery and Kvarkenrådet. At the moment we are constructing the Bazaar building with will host the activities of Wasa Innovation Center. Feel free to browse around in the company descriptions below. 


"European Center of Excellence "

UPC Print is the industry leader in production and methods for printed information. It is one of the three structure units of UPC Center. UPC Center is a uniting structure for UPC Print, UPC Media and UpCode that are run by UPC Consulting. UPC Consulting is a stable company with more than one hundred employees and a platina award for being among the strongest companies in Finland. UPC Consulting provides analysis, methods, and concepts. It also specializes in business intelligence.



UPCmedia is  a service provided by UPC Print with new innovative content solutions and customer oriented business models. 


UpCode is the industry leader in 'the next big thing' in the mobile industry; they are working with solutions for payments, health, education, workforce management, logistical products, document controls and knowledge based information systems. 


“Some say the best in Europe”

Bock's Corner Brewery is an independent brewery and pub that continues the brewing tradition that started in 1865 at Vaasan Pukinkulma. Our first brew took place in February 2015 and the brewery has been running non-stop ever since. In the first year we launched more than ten different kinds of drinks, including our ciders, and our assortment continues to grow- to this day we’re close twenty!


Kvarkenrådet has a key role in advancing the cooperation between Vasa and Umeå region. Recent important projects include the Midway Aligment of the Bothnian Corridor and the E12 Atlantica Transport.


Bock´s Innovation Center (officially Wasa Innovation Center) has a dedicated premise – Bazaar building – with the MindSquare at its disposal.  The aim is to organize human connections instead of organizational bureaucracy. In the building will work talented engineers, artists, economist, lawyers and project administrators. Special attention is payed to the understanding of the digital world and AI functions in all aspects of business and life.