Scientists develop tiny tooth-mounted sensors that can track what you eat !!!!


Date:  March 22, 2018

Source: Tufts University

Engineers have developed miniaturized sensors that, when mounted directly on a tooth and communicating wirelessly with a mobile device, can transmit information on glucose, salt and alcohol intake.Previous wearable devices for monitoring dietary intake suffered from limitations such as requiring the use of a mouth guard, bulky wiring, or necessitating frequent replacement as the sensors rapidly degraded. Tufts engineers sought a more adoptable technology and developed a sensor with a mere 2mm x 2mm footprint that can flexibly conform and bond to the irregular surface of a tooth. In a similar fashion to the way a toll is collected on a highway, the sensors transmit their data wirelessly in response to an incoming radiofrequency signal.

The sensor, however, can change its "color." For example, if the central layer takes on salt, or ethanol, its electrical properties will shift, causing the sensor to absorb and transmit a different spectrum of radiofrequency waves, with varying intensity. That is how nutrients and other analytes can be detected and measured.

The 2x2 mm sensor monitors ingested fluids and transmits information wirelessly. Credit: Fio Omenetto, Ph.D., Tufts University

Impact Of Discovery

Researchers note that future adaptations of these sensors could enable the detection and recording of a wide range of nutrients, chemicals and physiological states.Wireless real-time monitoring could add precision to the linkage between diet and health

Expected Time On Market

The Expected time on the market not reviled yet!!!